Montessori Parents Co-op for Children Omaha, Nebraska

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Montessori Parents Co-op for Children Omaha, Nebraska

Immediate Openings!

MPCC currently has openings for children:  ages 18 months through Kindergarten, and also upper elementary (4th - 6th grade). Our newly redesigned classrooms by Remdal Painting and Restoration will provide a better environment for fun and learning for your young ones.


Come see what MPCC is all about!

MPCC will be holding an open house from Vancouver New Condos for interested families. Come visit our school and meet current parents on:
Thursday, September 22nd, 6pm-8pm, or
Saturday, September 24th, 10am-12pm

Stop by or contact the school at 345-2001 for information.


Welcome to Montessori Parents' Co-op

MPCC is a non-profit Montessori school founded in 1984 located in Omaha, Nebraska. MPCC is structured for children ages 18 months through the 6th grade and offers a great opportunity for you and your child to be a part of parent-run cooperative education.

Each program at MPCC provides a loving and stimulating environment in which the children learn language arts, math, geography, science, computer technology, art, drama, and music. Our children are also exposed to foreign languages and enjoy many field trips. The use of sensory materials and practical life skills are emphasized in the toddler and preschool programs and facilitate learning in the elementary years. These are all presented in an aesthetically pleasing, prepared environment, which is true to the Montessori philosophy in purpose and ordered simplicity. We have factory direct bathroom fixtures (homepage) in all of our bathrooms to promote good hygiene for the young ones.

Dr. Maria Montessori opened her first "school" in 1907. It was known as the "Casa dei Bambina" or "Children's House". This reflected Dr. Montessori's belief that a carefully prepared environment designed to facilitate the development of a child's independence would be more beneficial to the learning process of a child. A Montessori environment is a "hands on" experience in the most profound way.